Token>_ JSChain

Blockchain platform for programmers on JavaScript


JavaScript Token is a token that was launched with the purpose of forming a community of JavaScript programmers, with a platform where they can sell the codes in exchange for the token.

  • End of Q4 2017


  • Q1, 2018

    JavaScript Chain testnet and development

  • Q2, 2018

    Decentralized Blockchain and mining in browser

  • Q3, 2018

    Implementing the best practices:
    raiden and casper from Ethereum,
    multiclet and mining solution
    web app & mobile app

  • Q4, 2018

    Sharding, beta release of the merchant API,
    web app & mobile app

  • Q1, 2019

    Virtual machine

  • Q2, 2019

    Smart-contracts on JavaScript Chain

  • Q3-4, 2019

    Scaling perfomance and global integration


For web-developers

Platform uses Javascript, which is now the most popular programming language.

For web-applications

Mining in browser (also on smartphones and tablets) with easy integration, automatic payouts and best commission on market.

Implementing JSChain tokens in advertisement for monetizing users on web-site.

Technical characteristics

Security based on SHA 512 cryptography.

PoW/PoS/PoT mining.

Virtual machine and smart-contracts.

Project status

You can watch here the project development process in real time.

Source code on github:


>[12/19/2017] initial commit

>generate genesis block



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